2017 WVSADD Conference

November 3-5 | Camp Dawson | Kingwood, WV


Code of Conduct

In order to promote the most enjoyable, safe, and educational environment possible, all conference participants must abide by the following rules and expectations. This Code of Conduct is designed for both student and adult participants.

All conference participants must agree to:

  • Abide by all federal, state, and local laws governing appropriate behavior including refraining from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
  • Respect the property of others, including the property of other students, adults, and public and private facilities.
  • Abstain from activities involved with vandalism, theft, or the possession of stolen property. Conference facilities should be respected and left in the same (or better) conditions as they were found.
  • Attend all conference sessions – including meals, workshops, keynote speakers, and other conference programs.
  • Follow the direction of SADD Conference personnel (including employees and volunteers of West Virginia’s SADD Leadership Team: the WVSADD State Advisory Board, the WVSADD Student Leadership Council, and the College Student Advisory Board).
  • Sleep in his/her assigned room each night. After reporting to his/her own room, advisors are required to perform room checks to ensure the locality of their students. Note that West Virginia SADD hires nighttime security to maintain policy control.
  • Understand that Chapter advisors maintain full responsibility for their students.
  • Conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, and respect for the well-being of students and rights of themselves and others.

As a participant of the 2017 West Virginia SADD Conference, students and adults must uphold West Virginia SADD’s behavior standards. Students and adults should realize that they are ambassadors for their school/community and should come with a high level of respect for each other, their peers, and most importantly, themselves.

However in the case of an infraction of the aforementioned rules and regulations, actions will be taken by West Virginia SADD to correct the problem. Infractions may be corrected by, but are not limited to, the following means: a verbal warning, call home to parent/guardian, call to school administration and/or county or state Board of Education, limited access to conference activities, or dismissal from the conference in its entirety.

Any allegations made will be comprehensively examined and acted upon by the West Virginia SADD State Advisory Board. In the event of controversy, the West Virginia SADD State Coordinator will be notified and his decisions will be final. In extreme circumstances, resources from the SADD National Office, local and state enforcement, and/or West Virginia SADD personnel will be utilized in the decision-making process.

For additional information, please feel free to contact West Virginia SADD at travis@strongcommunities.org.

consent form

Click here to download WV SADD Conference Consent form. A form must be completed for each conference participant. Advisors are responsible for maintaining forms for their participants to keep and use in case of emergency while traveling and during conference.